What is Coil Coating?

Coil coating is a reel-fed continuous process for painting metal sheet which our customers then use to make a finished part. Apart from being a superior quality coating to spray coat, there is no need for our customers to have an expensive paint plant or to comply with today's tough environmental legislation

The basics:

In one continuous reel to reel process, a coil of material up to 940mm wide is unwound, cleaned, primed and then coated with up to three layers of paint on each side, before being thermally cured and then rewound.

The process allows for different colours and patterns to be applied to each side of the sheet. In addition, a strippable plastic film layer can be added for extra surface protection.

Once coated, the coil is then further processed to give our customer the material in the dimensions and formats they require.

The consistency and accuracy of the coil coating process generate's excellent corrosion resistance properties compared to other painting methods. This is due to the highly controlled cleaning, pre-treatment, coating application and curing stages within the process.

These controls are virtually impossible to attain with other painting processes. Dealing with a 'flat sheet' allows the material to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the paint being applied. Coating in this way provides excellent control of paint film weights which can be measured in microns.

Coil Coating advantages, along with the economic and environmental benefits, make coil coating the right choice if guaranteed quality is your goal.


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