The Advantages of Coil Coating

There are a number of benefits associated with coil coating which includes quality, consistency of colour, corrosion resistance, the opportunity to customise, its harmless effect on the environment including the recycling of waste.

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During application, a uniform layer of coating generates a sheet of flat metal with a consistent, smooth layer of paint whereas painting an assembled product by other methods of application, can create an inconsistent layer of paint.

Consistency of colour
Due to the controlled nature of the process, colour differences between production batches is tightly controlled.

Corrosion resistance
The consistency and accuracy of the coil coating process generate's excellent corrosion resistance properties compared to other painting methods. This is due to the highly controlled cleaning, pre-treatment, coating application and curing stages within the process.

Customisation options
Coil coating allows prepainted metals to be customised with a wide range of options e.g. coatings, dimensions, thicknesses, aesthetics and performance characteristics. The coated material can also be tailored to suit the specific requirements of our customer's equipment.

With coil coating being a closed loop process the release of harmful elements is eradicated. For example, all solvents/organic compounds are captured and treated prior to emission. All of our emissions and potential waste streams are tightly controlled under local environmental regulations, supplemented by our ISO14001 accreditation.

The coil coating process provides coating application efficiency of over 90%, which is significantly higher than other application techniques. Pre-painted metals can also be fully recycled, providing environmental advantages.

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