Glide-X™: Distinctly Different

CCC was the first company in the world to provide the kitchenware market with pre-coated non-stick metal and has continued to lead the market for over 30 years in developing new systems providing choice and performance at the right price points.


What is Glide-X

Glide-X technology has been invented to be a superior, hard wearing and durable non-stick. It is bonded directly onto your bakeware to ensure that it keeps performing like new every time.


The Science Behind Glide-X

The majority of today's heavyweight bakeware uses a sprayed on non-stick coating which can easily flake off. This flaking causes the non-stick layer to quickly break down and food begins to stick to your pan.

But Glide-X technology is different. The results of years of research, testing and refinement, the Glide-X process ensures the non-stick is bonded directly to the surface, which results in uniform thickness and eliminates weak spots.

This unique process ensures the finest possible results for the cook.



All Glide-X products are made without the use of PFOA.


Coil Coating

We can coat a wide variety of materials for functionality & decorative purposes...

The Solution

Identifying, understanding and delivering products to your specific needs...


Quality and care is at the heart of everything we do in our business...